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International Exchanges of students
    The School is actively involved in the international exchanges with 61 colleges and universities from 19 countries, including Yale University, Stanford University, University of California, University of Edinburgh, Waseda University, Kyoto University. To promote this, the School has established special scholarships for students to apply; consequently, the number of such students has reached over 10%.  
International Exchanges of faculty members
    The School will attach importance to training the backbones of its faculty, implementing a series of oversea training programs launched by the university for the young/middle-aged and promising persons; adjusting and bettering the school-based training projects for the young/middle-aged and promising persons for disciplinary advances; organizing teaching and research workshops so as to stay at the forefront of medical sciences; establishing foundations for international academic exchanges and co-operations to raise its competitive power; implementing the training plan for the backbones of the young and middle-aged technicians in the laboratories; and improving the system of motivation and evaluation based on competency and performance among the school-based staff.

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