Distinguished Young Scholars
Zhenghong Yuan
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NAME: Zhenghong Yuan,Ph.D., M.D.
TEL: 021-64161928



1. The interplay between Innate Immune System and Hepatitis B Virus:from understanding to the development of novel therapeutics for functional cure.
2. Mechanism of replication and pathogenesis of hepatitis C virus


      Prof. Yuan’s main research areas are the interaction and mechanism of the hepatitis B virus infection with the innate immune system, and the identification of emerging infectious disease pathogen. His representative results include: revealing the new mechanism of impairment of innate immune responses in chronic HBV infection by the hepatitis B virus through the surface antigen and polymerase; proposing the new mechanism of IFN-α inhibiting HBV replication by exosome; discovering the miRNA molecules associated with the early response to interferon treatment; detecting the new human H7N9 avian flu virus infection and its drug-resistant mutation. Since 2009, he has published more than 40 papers in internationally peer-reviewed journals such as NEJM, Lancet, Nat Immunology, HEPATOLOGY, JV, JBC, and JVI and so on. In recent years, he has won the first prize of Natural Sciences Award from Ministry of Education, and the first prize from the Society of Chinese Preventive Medicine.

2017  National Scientific and Technological Progress Special Award
2016  Chinese Society of Preventive Medicine Science and Technology Award,first prize
2015  Ministry of Education Natural Science Award,first prize
2015  Chinese Medical Science and Technology Award,first prize
2013  Chinese Society of Preventive Medicine Science and Technology Award,first prize
2012  Ministry of Education Natural Science Award,first prize
2010  Shanghai Society of Medicine Science and Technology Award,third prize
2009  Ministry of Education Natural Science Award,second prize
2005  Shanghai Scientific and technological Progress Award,third prize
2004  Chinese Medical Science and Technology Award,first prize
2004  Shanghai Medical Science and Technology Award,third prize
2001  Ministry of Education Technological Invention Award,first prize

2012-2017      Member of High Grade Pathogenic Microorganism Biosafety Review Committee, Ministry of Science and Technology
2014-2016      Chair, Virology Division, Chinese Medical Association
2011-present   Vice chair, Virology Division, Chinese Society for Microbiology
2001-present   Member of Chinese Society for Microbiology
2000- present  Member of Shanghai Society of Medicine

SERVICE TO PROFESSIONAL PUBLICATIONS (编委以上(列出年份),或受邀审稿学术刊物,列出重要杂志名)
2011-present  Associate Editor, Emerging Microbes Infections
2015-2018  Editor,Journal of Clinical Hepatobiliary Diseases   
2017-present Associate Editor, Journal of Chinese Experimental and Clinical Virology

Member of Academic Degrees Committee

INVITED PRESENTATIONS (近5年国内大会报告、国际重要会议专题报告以上)

Year          Title of the presentation Name of the conference Place
2013           HBV and Innate Immunity 23rd Conference of the Asian Pacific Association for the Study of the Liver(APASL) Singapore
2013            HBV and Innate Immunity 2nd Huashan Forum, Shanghai Shanghai
2014           The interplay between HBV and Innate Immunity National symposia on viral infection and Organ failure Beijing
2014           Drug resistance and pathogenesis of H7N9 virus International symposium on clinical and translational medicine Shanghai
2014            New insights into the interaction between HBV and interferon 17th China-Novartis Mini-Symposium Chengdu
2014            Innate Immune response: more important in Chronic Hepatitis B? The Second Central China International Forum on Liver Disease and Infection Wuhan

Host immune responses in the pathogenesis of HBV infection. APASL Single Topic Conference:4th HBV conference Guangzhou
2015   Role of innate immune response in the pathogenesis of HBV infection 2015 International workshop for therapeutic antibody and antigen-antibody complexes basic and application and First Changjiang forum of infectious diseases & liverdiseases Shanghai
2015           Control of emerging infectious diseases. Sino-Germany Workshop on Infectious Diseases Germany
2015         Novel mechanism of chronic infections of HBV: role of HBsAg. The 11th Annual Meeting of Chinese Socety for Virology and the 6th  Wuhan International Symposium on Modern Virology. Wuhan
2016            Exosome and viruses 2016 symposium of exosome and virus: from experimental to clinical Shanghai
2016            HBV and Interferons Science of HBV cure Singapore
2016            Exosome and HBV infection The 14th national symposia of infectious diseases Qingdao
2016             The roles of innate immunity in HBV persistent infection 2016Beijing-Shanghai symposium on virology Shanghai
2016           Exosomes and Viruses The 4th national symposia on viral infection and Organ failure Chongqing

Interferon and HBV cure,old soldier,but new development Singapore Hepatology Conference and the Best of EASL (SHC-EASL) 2017 Singapore
2017             Anti-HBV Toward to a Function Cure The 6th national symposia of small interfere RNA and its application(RNAi China 2017) Kunshan
2018            Towards HBV cure 2018 Leading Investigators' Forum on Infectious and Liver Diseases(LIFILD) Shanghai
2018            Management of HBV cccDNA: New Cell Model, Detection, Epigenetic Regulation and Implications for Development of Novel Antiviral Strategies 2018 Forum on Advancements in Immunology Research (FAIR) Shanghai
2018            Novel strategies to eliminate or silence HBV cccDNA The 5th national symposia on viral infection and Organ failure Hangzhou

PEER REVIEWED PUBLICATIONS(以第一或通讯作者发表,通讯作者以“*”标出,从2018年起倒序排列。选不超过10篇代表性论文用黄色高亮标出。)
1.Jielang Chen, Jianhua Li,Xiaonan Zhang, Min Wu,Bisheng Shi,Zhong Fang, Zhenghong Yuan*,Interplay between Hepatitis B Virus and the Type I Interferon System and New Therapeutic Strategies. Fudan Journal (Medical edition)  2017, Vol. 44 Issue (06): 793-798. Review paper.
2.Jin Li, Xiaonan Zhang, Liang Chen, Zhanqing Zhang, Jiming Zhang, Weixia Wang, Min Wu, Bisheng Shi, Xinxin Zhang, Maya Kozlowski, Yunwen Hu &  Zhenghong Yuan*. Circulating miR-210 and miR-22 combined with ALT predict the virological response to interferonalpha therapy of CHB patients. Scientific Reports 2017
3.Shen F, Li Y, Yang Wang, Sozzi V, Revill PA, Liu J, Gao L, Yang G, Lu M, Sutter K, Dittmer U, Chen J*, Yuan Z*. Hepatitis B Virus Sensitivity to Interferon-α in Hepatocytes is More Associated with Cellular Interferon Response than with Viral Genotype Hepatology. 2017 Oct 23. doi: 10.1002/hep.29609
4.Yi Z, Yuan Z*. Hepatitis C Virus-Associated Cancers. Adv Exp Med Biol, 2017, 1018:129-146. Review paper.
5.Jia X, Chen J, Megger DA, Zhang X, Kozlowski M, Zhang L, Fang Z, Li J, Chu Q, Wu M, Li Y, Sitek B, Yuan Z*. Label-free Proteomic Analysis of Exosomes Derived from Inducible Hepatitis B Virus-Replicating HepAD38 Cell Line.Mol Cell Proteomics. 2017 Feb 27. pii: mcp.M116.063503. doi: 10.1074/mcp.M116.063503.
6.Zhang W, Chen J, Wu M, Zhang X, Zhang M, Yue L, Li Y, Liu J, Li B, Shen F, Wang Y, Bai L, Protzer U, Levrero M, Yuan Z*. PRMT5 Restricts Hepatitis B Virus Replication via Epigenetic Repression of cccDNA Transcription and Interference with pgRNA Encapsidation.Hepatology. 2017 Feb 25. doi: 10.1002/hep.29133
7.Cuncun Chen, Min Wu, Wen Zhang, Wei Lu, Min Zhang, Zhanqing Zhang, Xiaonan Zhang & Zhenghong Yuan* MicroRNA-939 restricts Hepatitis B virus by targeting Jmjd3-mediated and C/EBPα-coordinated chromatin remodeling. SCIENTIFIC REPORTS 2016 Oct 25;6:35974. doi: 10.1038/srep35974.
8.Zhigang Yi,a Caiyun Fang,b Jingyi Zou,a Jun Xu,a Wuhui Song,a Xiaoting Du,a Tingting Pan,a Haojie Lu,b Zhenghong Yuan* Affinity Purification of the Hepatitis C Virus Replicase Identifies Valosin-Containing Protein, a Member of the ATPases Associated with Diverse Cellular Activities Family, as an Active Virus Replication Modulator. Journal of Virology. 2016 Oct 14;90(21): 9953-9966.
9.Xiaoting Du, Tingting Pan, Jun Xu, Yang Zhang,Wuhui Song,Zhigang Yi* and Zhenghong Yuan*. Hepatitis C virus replicative double-stranded RNA is a potent interferon inducer that triggers interferon production through MDA5 Journal of General Virology (2016), 97(11):2868-2882
10.In-situ analysis of intrahepatic virological events in chronic HBV infection. Xiaonan Zhang, Wei Lu, Ye Zheng, Weixia Wang, Lu Bai, Liang Chen, Yanling Feng, Zhanqing Zhang, Zhenghong Yuan*. J Clin Invest, 2016 Mar 1;126(3):1079-92. doi: 10.1172/JCI83339.
11.A Pilot Study of MicroRNAs Expression Profile in Serum and HBsAg Particles: Predictors of Therapeutic Vaccine Efficacy in Chronic Hepatitis B Patients. Wang W, Li J, Zhang X, Wen Y, Wang XY, Yuan Z*. Medicine (Baltimore). 2016 Jan;95(2):e2511. doi: 10.1097/MD.0000000000002511.
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14.Zhigang Yi, Jieliang Chen, Maya Kozlowski and Zhenghong Yuan*. Innate detection of hepatitis B and C virus and viral inhibition of the response. Cellular Microbiology doi:10.1111/ cmi .12489.
15.Jieliang Chen, MinWu, Kuancheng Liu, Wen Zhang, Yaming Li,Xiaohui Zhou, Lu Bai and Zhenghong Yuan∗ New insights into hepatitis B virus biology and implications for novel antiviral strategies  National Science Review 2: 296–313, 2015 doi: 10.1093 /nsr/ nwv044.
16.Yinghui Liu, Jianhua Li, Jieliang Chen, Yaming Li, Weixia Wang, Xiaoting Du, Wuhui Song, Wen Zhang, Li Lin and Zhenghong Yuan*. Hepatitis B virus polymerase disrupts K63-linked ubiquitination of STING to block innate cytosolic DNA-sensing pathways. Journal of Virology. 2015 Feb 15;89(4):2287-300. doi: 10.1128/JVI.02760-14.
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