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Qiqun Tang
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1.Molecular mechanism underlying development of white and beige adipocyte
2.Pathogenesis of metabolic disorders
1.Clarified the mechanism of commitment from mesenchyma stem cell to preadipocytes, and differentiation from preadipocytes to mature adipocyte.
2.Clarified the mechanism underlying activation of beige adipocyte, especially role of BMP4 and BMP signaling in beige adipocyte development.
3.Defined series of compounds which improved metabolic disorders by activating beige adipocyte.  
  1. “Outstanding Graduate of Shanghai” by Shanghai Department of Advanced  Education.  1990
  2. “ National Education Committee Scholarship” 1991
  3. “Eastern Scholarship” 1991
  4. “Su-Ping Scholarship”                  1992-1995
  5. “ Golden Award for Young Investigator in Shanghai First Scientific Fair” 1994
  6. “ First Class Science & Technology Progress Award of Shanghai” issued by Science & Technology Progress Awards Jury,  Shanghai Municipality. 1994
  7. “First Class Science & Technology Progress Award” issued by the Department of Human Health Service,  P. R. China. 1998
  8. “Second Class National Science & Technology Progress Award” issued by the Scientific Department of P. R. China. 2000
  9. “First Class Award for National Outstanding Teacher in Biology” by Fok Ying Tung Education Foundation 2002
  10. Prize for Life Science Awarded by Meiji Dairy Industry Co. Ltd. 2007
  11. Shanghai Leading Talent Program 2007
  12. Presidential Award of Fudan University 2008
  13. Award for Outstanding Contribution to Shanghai Medical College, Fudan University 2008
  14. The Most Popular Teacher Award by Leo KoGuan, Fudan University 2008
  15. National Candidate of New Century Millions of Talents Program 2009
  16. Tan Jiazhen Life Science Innovation Award 2010
  17. CMB (China Medical Board) Distinguished Professorship Award 2010
  18. Outstanding Teaching Award, Fudan University 2011
  19. Award for Outstanding Contribution to Shanghai Medical School, Fudan University 2011 Excellent Tutor of Graduate Students of Fudan University
  20. The national excellent scientific and technological workers 2012
  21. Science Research Famous Achievement Award in Higher Institution  2015
  22. The Most Popular Teacher Award of Fudan University  2016
  23. Diabetes Research Progress Award of china  2016
2014.8-2018.8  CSBMB, associate-Chairman
2016- metabolism Specialized Committee of CSBMB, Chairman
2015.04-2020.09  Journal of Biological Chemistry, editorial board member
2017.09- Journal of Biological Chemistry, associated editor
2015.04-2020.09  Journal of Biological Chemistry, editorial board member
2017.09- Journal of Biological Chemistry, associated editor
Peer-reviewer for Nature communication,Diabetes,PNAS,JBC,MCB…
Dean of Key Laboratory of Metabolism and Molecular Medicine, the Ministry of Education
2017,BMP4 Cross-talks With Estrogen/ERα Signaling to Regulate Adiposity and Glucose Metabolism in Females,CSH Asia conference……
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1. 一种重组葡激酶的制备方法(中国)         1997
2. 一种制备重组链激酶的方法(中国)         1996
    一种制备重组链激酶的方法(瑞士)         1997
    一种制备重组链激酶的方法(俄罗斯)       1997
3. 地黄提取物及其制备方法和应用 (中国)    2005  第二完成人,专利号:200510025128.4
4. 一种N末端缺失脂肪细胞补体相关蛋白及其制备方法 2005 第一完成人,专利号:ZL01126950.2
5. 一种多肽gapM1及其制备方法(2011) 第一完成人,专利号:200510025128.4

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