The fundamental of integrative medicine and neurobiology was appointed as, one of the first set of doctor degree stations in China in 1981, the World Health Organization Collaborating Center for Traditional Medicine in 1983, the National Key Discipline in 1989. The Acupuncture Research Laboratory was established early in 1975, and then in 1985 it was named the Institute of Acupuncture Research. In 2002, the department of Integrative Medicine and Neurobiology was set up in Shanghai Medical College of Fudan University. In 2003, the 3rd grade Laboratory of Acupuncture and Neurobiology was set up by the State Administration of Traditional Chinese Medicine. 


    The unit has long been devoted to the scientific research and professional education majored in Integrative Medicine and Neurobiology. Our researches are mainly focused on the acupuncture analgesia, acupuncture modulation on neuroendocrine and neuroimmune, acupuncture antidepression, and so on. Numerous articles had been published in the international SCI journals during the past years. Furthermore, the M.D. and Ph.D. students graduated from our unit are throughout the world nowadays.


    Now, we have 2 professors, 5 associated professors, 2 lectures and 2 technicians. The unit principal and superintendent for Institute of Acupuncture Research is Prof. G.C. Wu, and the director of the Laboratory of Acupuncture and Neurobiology is Prof. Y.Q. Wang. 

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