jun wang

Ph.D. Associate Professor
1. Research on the effect of electroacupuncture on neuroinflammation
2. Integrative medicine and cancer immunotherapy






1991 - 1996      Bachelor,  Shanghai Medical University
2002 - 2005      Master,     Shanghai Medical College of Fudan University
2005 - 2010      PhD,  Shanghai Medical College of Fudan University
1996-2001        Assistant Professor,  Fudan University.
2001-2007        Lectuer, Fudan University
2007- 2008       Visiting Scholar, Illinois Institute of Technology, Blood Center of Wisconsin, USA
2008- 2009       Lectuer, Shanghai Medical College of Fudan University, China
2009-now         Associate Professor, Shanghai Medical College of Fudan University
2013-2014        Visiting Scholar, Dana Harber Cancer Institute/Harvard Medical School, USA


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English book:
Wang J, Zhao H, Cao XD: Neuroimmuno-effect of acupuncture on immune-mediated disorders, (Editors: Ying Xia, Xiaoding Cao, Gencheng Wu, Jieshi Cheng, Acupuncture therapy for neurological diseases: A neurobiological view).  TSINGHUA and Springer; 1st Edition 2010, pp365-388,


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